2015 Recap & Look Back

2015. The year I discovered mangosteen, and finally made it a habit to wash my face every night. OK, and maybe a few more things. 14 days in to the New Year and I think it's finally sunk in at what a year 2015 really was. I arrived in Korea in October 2014, so 2015 was the... Continue Reading →

7 Little Things I Love About Korea

As there are things that bug me about living in Korea, there are of course many things that I love about living here. Many of these things, are little things. But when I first came to Korea, these little things weren't so little. They were new, different, exciting, and groundbreaking. Now, they have become such... Continue Reading →

Happy 6 Months, Korea!

April 26th- the day I reached my six month anniversary of being in Korea. Also known as the midpoint of my contract. I have lived, learned, and experienced an immeasurable amount during these past six months, yet I also feel as though there is still so much exploring to do. Boundless. I am thrilled about... Continue Reading →

A Merry Korean Christmas

Despite being far from home and the fact that Christmas is not a massive holiday here in Korea, it still remained to be a special day. Christmas Eve was spent working during the day. This wasn't so bad, since I received 3 separate surprise packages in the mail! These included 2 boxes of Christmas cookies,... Continue Reading →

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