Happy 6 Months, Korea!

April 26th- the day I reached my six month anniversary of being in Korea. Also known as the midpoint of my contract. I have lived, learned, and experienced an immeasurable amount during these past six months, yet I also feel as though there is still so much exploring to do. Boundless. I am thrilled about... Continue Reading →

Living Abroad: Celebrate the Small Victories

It's funny how living in a foreign country can change your perspective on your accomplishments. Back home, buying groceries or successfully taking a cab back to your house is a mundane task that probably deserves zero recognition. However when you are immersed in a new culture, these small tasks become huge accomplishments. Simply put: living... Continue Reading →

Oh right- I’m here to teach!

Orientation kind of felt like summer camp- the excitement of being in a new place, meeting new people- who became immediate friends, and having a day scheduled with new activities. (The fact that we also ate all three meals daily together and slept in the same hotel really added to this.) They kept us so... Continue Reading →

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