Vacation Mode in Beautiful Bijindo

August 9th- breakfast filled with Dunkin Donuts (makeshift Korean Tim Hortons breakfast), and we set out for our week long cross Korea road trip! After some failed attempts of camping on the East Coast during the first part of our vacation (paying $30 to sleep next to a roller coaster, lack of private camping, etc.,... Continue Reading →

Happy 6 Months, Korea!

April 26th- the day I reached my six month anniversary of being in Korea. Also known as the midpoint of my contract. I have lived, learned, and experienced an immeasurable amount during these past six months, yet I also feel as though there is still so much exploring to do. Boundless. I am thrilled about... Continue Reading →

A Merry Korean Christmas

Despite being far from home and the fact that Christmas is not a massive holiday here in Korea, it still remained to be a special day. Christmas Eve was spent working during the day. This wasn't so bad, since I received 3 separate surprise packages in the mail! These included 2 boxes of Christmas cookies,... Continue Reading →

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