Letting Go Of Your First Love Abroad

November was the month that marked the end of my two year relationship with South Korea. A loving, caring, supportive and secure relationship. Yes, a real relationship. Oh, if you were expecting this to be about a person, I am sorry to disappoint but I will not be divulging the details of my love life at this time... Continue Reading →

Japan vs. Korea: Six Differences

Way way back in February, I traveled to Japan! And I have yet to write about it....oops! Actually I haven't wrote about a lot of things. Mainly because I'm procrastinating trying to work on my new general travel blog, but I have yet to come up with a domain name that I am happy with!... Continue Reading →

(Home) Sweet Home

3 weeks ago I departed for my first solo trip. Here I am, 3 weeks later sitting at a new coffee shop that just opened up by my apartment while I was away. Trying to find the right words to explain these past 3 weeks. Feeling at home in Korea, although I will greatly miss... Continue Reading →

Life’s a Trip

Just under a week until I depart for my first big trip since arriving here (as if that wasn't big enough already!). It's crazy to think I have 24 days off work, when it still feels like I just got here. But, that's just timing of it all! Not only is this my first big... Continue Reading →

A Merry Korean Christmas

Despite being far from home and the fact that Christmas is not a massive holiday here in Korea, it still remained to be a special day. Christmas Eve was spent working during the day. This wasn't so bad, since I received 3 separate surprise packages in the mail! These included 2 boxes of Christmas cookies,... Continue Reading →

Today Was A Great Day

As soon as I opened my curtain this morning, I knew it was going to be a great day. Mokpo's first big snowfall. Honestly, you would think I have never seen snow before, based on how ecstatic I was and how many pictures I took. I'm surprised I didn't miss my bus! It was such... Continue Reading →

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