Jungle Stays in Chiang Rai

Spending my last few days in Thailand at the Bamboo Nest was the only thing I had actually booked in advance before leaving for my trip. The idea of spending a few days in a bamboo hut in the middle of the jungle was captivating, and the rave reviews of the place only solidified this. I... Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai: Tea & Elephants

Chiang Mai: my home for 4 days and where my exploration of Northern Thailand began. For those wondering why I didn't venture down to the beautiful beaches and white sand of southern Thailand, here's why. I had heard so many positive reviews of Northern Thailand from friends, plus I was heading to the Philippines right... Continue Reading →

Barfing & Bartering in Bangkok

A quick little 5 hour flight from Incheon (anything seems little compared to a 16 hour flight), and I had arrived in Bangkok. Since it was fairly late, I headed straight for my hotel that I had (responsibly) booked ahead of time. Upon waking from my surprisingly terrible slumber despite how tired I was, I... Continue Reading →

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