The Best Things About Korea in the Summer

A whole new season is upon us, and despite the sometimes unbearable heat and humidity, there are some great things about Korea that you can only experience in the summer time. My favourite things, in no particular order, are as follows. If you're lucky enough to visit Korea in the summer, I hope you'll enjoy... Continue Reading →

How to Kill a Few Hours in Incheon City

Maybe you have a long layover and are wanting to explore nearby areas, or maybe you're wanting to venture outside the hustle and bustle of central Seoul. Whatever the reason may be, if you find yourself in Incheon, South Korea with a few hours to kill, this is where you need to go. Hands down. Or... Continue Reading →

Vacation Mode in Beautiful Bijindo

August 9th- breakfast filled with Dunkin Donuts (makeshift Korean Tim Hortons breakfast), and we set out for our week long cross Korea road trip! After some failed attempts of camping on the East Coast during the first part of our vacation (paying $30 to sleep next to a roller coaster, lack of private camping, etc.,... Continue Reading →

Beaches, Beer, & Buddha’s Birthday in Busan

This past weekend was the celebration of Buddha's Birthday, meaning- a long weekend for us teachers! This time I decided it was time to explore South Korea's second biggest city- Busan. Saturday We were Busan bound bright and early that morning. After hopping off of our express bus, we jumped right into the next mode... Continue Reading →

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