Welcome to Lost & Local. A millennial’s personal account of life as an expat, teacher, and traveller abroad.

Here, I attempt to share what I learn with the world (but mostly anybody who will read or listen- hi mom and dad!) On this blog, you will find travel tips, photo diaries, information and how-to’s on teaching and living abroad, and the occasional ramblings about various lifestyle topics.

Curious about the name? Keep on scrollin’. 


My name is Laura and I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada (#gosensgo). After graduating from university in 2014, I set off to teach English in Korea on a one year contract. One year turned into two, and my love for travel and living abroad grew. A couple years (and one quarter life crisis later) I now teach English in Singapore, and continue to share anything and everything I can through this blog (formerly Laura2Korea).

Just think of me as a ‘home-away-from-home collector’, of sorts.


The name Lost & Local was first an attempt to capture my style of travel- the beauty of getting lost, not having a plan, and seeing what unexpected discoveries you make. As well as attempting to travel and experience new places like a local. Caffeinating at the local coffeeshop, eating the local dishes, grabbing a beer at the local bar (can you tell I like food and drinks?) and really just immersing yourself in whatever new place you find yourself.


When deciding on this blog name, I realised it also perfectly reflected my sentiments towards how I feel as an expat abroad. Sometimes, you truly feel like a local. It is your current home, after all. Other times, you feel a little lost- and not just in terms of physical direction (although that does tend to happen to me quite frequently). You feel a little bit like an alien, and that was literally what we were called in Korea. (Don’t worry, they never called us aliens to our face- just on our Alien Registration Card. Thanks, Korea!)

I don’t know where this crazy journey of life will take me, but I hope you’ll stay along for the ride!


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