Eighteen Things for 2018

New country, new job, new apartment, new year. Lots of new things for 2018 and they have all got me feeling inspired! 2018 is going to be a great year. Taken inspiration from Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier” Podcast, here are Eighteen Things for 2018.


Less New Year’s Resolutions, more….plans. Big, small, trivial, anything.

1. Take a course on Coursera.

2. Make general blog name and buy a domain. (How long have I been saying this for?!)

3. Go to Bali.

4. Do not purchase any more patterned clothing items.

5. Buy plants for my balcony in my soon-to-be apartment. (TBH this whole list could be things I need to buy for my soon-to-be apartment…….)

6. Try the 1 Second Everyday App

7. Go to a rooftop bar.

This is when I realized this is harder than I expected……*sits and thinks for 20+ minutes*

8. Buy more dresses (it’s hot here, OK).

9. (But not too many cause I’m all about that minimalist wardrobe, which I want to improve upon…)

10. ….Stop contradicting myself.

11. Eat chilli crab.

12. Swap music for podcasts more frequently.

13. Get a library card. (There’s a library right across from my new apartment!)

14. Keep experimenting with my new camera.

15. Make Singaporean friends.

16. Understand Singlish.

17. Find my go-to coffee shop in my new neighbourhood.

18. Spend a rainy day at the ArtScience Museum.

Whew! That was more difficult than I expected. I have tons of stuff I need to do come the new year: open a bank account, set up monthly phone plan, etc. But those were all a little too boring for this list.

I’ve already accomplished a lot since my arrival in Singapore just over two weeks ago. I’ve drank a Singapore Sling, eaten a Michelin star meal at a Hawker Centre, found an apartment (T-Minus 3 days till move in day), been to Chinatown, Little Arabia, and Marina Bay Sands

I can’t wait to look back at this list a year from now.

Until next post!

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