2016: Looking Forward

Since my last post was taking a look back on 2015, I figured HEY why not make a second post, looking forward to 2016?!

2016 is already off to a great start, since we are currently on winter vacation until March in Korea! Well, almost…..

My vacation hasn’t technically started yet. I had two weeks of successful English Camp, and now this week, here I sit warming my desk, patiently waiting for my vacation to start. Us Native English Teachers are only allowed a certain number of vacation days per year. So when you’re not on vacation, you have to be at work from 9-5. With no students. Or other teachers. Only some administration staff and the principal or vice principal. In a cold school. Ok, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m getting paid to surf the internet, write blog posts, and plan some trips. Lucky me! I should almost be more productive…..

Needless to say, that gives me lots of time to think of the year ahead and what I want to accomplish. Hopefully writing down some of these goals in a public space will help inspire me to accomplish them!

Some of these aren’t necessarily goals, rather things already planned and am excited for!


1. Visit Jeju (February 13th-16th)
2. Be a great tour guide for my Dad when he visits Korea (February 7-20)
3. Participate in a Temple Stay
4. Visit Boseong Green Tea Fields


5. Visit Home (January 18th-February 7th)
6. Visit Japan (February 20th)
7. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant in Japan
8. Try Couchsurfing


9. Run a 5K race in Korea (March 27th) & 10K later in the year
10. Maintain a consistent yoga practice (and get my feet to touch my head in scorpion)
11. Finish Kayla Itsines BBG workout plan
12. Buy a fitness tracker and actually use it


13. Start a general travel blog, not specific to Korea
14. Get serious about blogging, at least one post every two weeks
15. Read at least 1 book a month
16. Continue to save & send money home

Isn’t it interesting that once you write out your goals, you realize what your passions are, and what you care about? Travel, Fitness, Cooking/Food, Writing are my biggest passions right now, my biggest priorities.

Canada………………see you SO soon! I could have made an entire post dedicated to what I want to do while at home, so I kept it short to simply “visit home”. This includes skating on the canal and outdoor rink, skiing, eating ALL the food (that could also be a list of it’s own), seeing all my friends & family, and many more.

Cheers to 2016! You are already off to an impressive start.

– Laura

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