Vacation Mode in Beautiful Bijindo

August 9th- breakfast filled with Dunkin Donuts (makeshift Korean Tim Hortons breakfast), and we set out for our week long cross Korea road trip!

After some failed attempts of camping on the East Coast during the first part of our vacation (paying $30 to sleep next to a roller coaster, lack of private camping, etc., etc.,) finding Bijindo was exactly what we needed. We found our beach. 

The ability to cook our own food (we were banned from cooking at one beach in Gangneung), to camp where we pleased (for free!), and to feel somewhat secluded. The mountainous surroundings, gorgeous blue waters, quaint beach town feel didn’t hurt either. It was the perfect destination to kick back, relax, and explore. Unfortunately, we had to leave our rental car (Jeolla) on the mainland, since it was just a passenger ferry. Even if we were able to bring her over……there were no real roads to drive on! Gives you an idea of how secluded it was.

So what’s there to do on this secluded island you say?! Plenty!


Our 2 full days here were spent lounging by the beach, swimming, cooking, and exploring. If (and when) I do go back, I would definitely muster up the energy to do the hike which gives you a phenomenal view of how the two islands connect. I’m still kicking myself for not doing it!



Photo via Flickr– What I would’ve seen (if I had gotten off of my lazy beach bum!)

Beach Reads



You were able to rent these great inner floaty tubes for 5,000 won ($5) a day! (Which also doubled as a comfy chair on land).




We brought a boatload (literally- or should I say ferryload) of camping gear with us. And the best part about it? It’s free! One of the many places you can plop your tent right down in Korea without getting kicked out by the police (true story).

A look at (some) of our gear

Our setup

Not a bad view to wake up to! If camping, isn’t your thing, we saw at least two small pensions (what Koreans call mini resort-like hotels), and 1 hidden guesthouse that looked nice.

Also available to rent for a daily fee of five bucks were these great SUNbrellas! Perfect for that much needed shade.

Food & Drink

Like I said before, we brought a ferryload of stuff with us. Which of course, included food. On the list was: nacho chips, salsa, potatoes, ramen noodles, eggs, bread, and assorted fruit and veggies. We cooked almost all of our meals on our portable grills except for one- where we splurged on some Korean fried chicken. However, the portion size was incredibly small and very pricey. With that being said, I would definitely recommend bringing at least some of your own food if you are planning on staying more than a day. You won’t starve if you don’t, since there are some restaurants and shops however just be prepared to pay a little lot more than you are used to (#islandprices).

There were also a bunch of shops where you could buy popsicles, beer, and soju- our top 3 priorities! Thank goodness, or else we might have had to lug an ice filled cooler on the ferry with us.

One important note is that we could not find an ATM anywhere on this island. The price you pay for somewhat seclusion! Luckily we all brought enough cash with us. 

On our third day, it was time to pack up and go. It was a wonderful two days spent with great company. I think I touched my phone once, and it was to take a picture. No Facebook creeping or mindless Instagram scrolling- a nice reminder of what life should be like.

Bye bye Bijindo! I’ll be back.



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