How to Celebrate Canada Day Abroad in 7 Easy Steps

1. Dress the part

Put on your deepest reds and freshest whites. This should be a daily occurrence, however on Canada day especially; if you aren’t wearing red and white, are you really Canadian?

2. Take a selfie with the giant flag hanging on your wall

Because it’s Tim Horton’s law that every Canadian abroad has one.

3. Grill ALL the meat

Pretend you are at your typical Canada Day backyard BBQ by engaging in a meat grilling activity native to the country you are currently residing in. In my case: Korean BBQ.

4. Face paint your fellow Canadians

Because what screams Canada day more than painting each other in traditional Canadian symbols? (Ideas to inspire: maple leaf, hockey sticks, Tim Hortons cup, beavers, moose, “sorry”, “eh”)

5. Face paint the locals

What better way to spread your Canadian pride and culture?! (Do not use force, only if they are willing). Sorry, eh!

6. Put on your antlers

Because what makes a Canadian feel more at home than bringing out his or her inner moose?! Trick question: nothing.

7. Shoot fire in to the sky

Because we Canadians can get away with anything!!!

Disclaimer: These are simply guidelines. Lost&Local is not responsible for any outcomes that may occur.*

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