Beaches, Beer, & Buddha’s Birthday in Busan

This past weekend was the celebration of Buddha’s Birthday, meaning- a long weekend for us teachers! This time I decided it was time to explore South Korea’s second biggest city- Busan.


We were Busan bound bright and early that morning. After hopping off of our express bus, we jumped right into the next mode of transportation- subway. No better way to truly experience a city and feel like a local! One successful subway ride later and we were off to check in to our hostel. We stayed at the Dplanspace Guesthouse in the Haeundae District, a bustling area right on the beach. This was a brand new guesthouse, and offered very clean and spacious accommodations. Would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Busan! After dropping off our luggage, we started our search for some food to satisfy our grumbly bellies. We ended up at Sharky’s, a well known Bar & Grill in Busan. I ordered the Veggie Burrito along with a Belgium Wit craft beer, and let’s just say it was a great decision. Potentially one of the best Western/Mexican meals I’ve had since coming to Korea, and I think my friends and their stomachs would also agree!

Veggie Burrito, Beers, & Avocado Cheeseburger (Sharky’s)

Graffiti on the street our Guesthouse was on

After our satisfying meals we headed to the Busan Aquarium, right on Haeundae Beach. It was a bit pricey (25,000 won, roughly $25), however it was pretty cool to check out!

Next on our list- Gamcheon Village! This place immediately captures your attention with the colourful homes, strategically staggered into the towering hills overlooking the harbour, the zigzagging alleyways leading to who knows where. It immediately reminds me of a place I’ve only seen pictures of- Greece. “Korea’s Santorini”, I later found out was it’s nickname- for good reason.

Perhaps even more fascinating, is the unique history behind this neighbourhood. From what I’ve learned, this was an area where refugees of the Korean war would settle; making it one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Busan. It wasn’t until a redevelopment project in 2010 that really gained attention to this place, making it an art and cultural village that now attracts people from all over. We had a great time simply exploring wherever the road or alley would take us, stopping to take pictures and eat street food along the way.

We then ended the day by going out for clam and eel BBQ dinner. A delicious meal accompanied by (almost) equally delicious beer and soju.


A more relaxed day spent wandering the streets of Haeundae, eating good food and drinking strong coffee. By late afternoon however, somehow the coffees turned into margaritas…..

Ate lunch at a delicious Turkish/Indian restaurant featuring hummus (hallelujah!) and curry, followed by some personalized nachos to go along with our margaritas at the Fuzzy Navel. We ended what was left of daylight by hanging down by Haeundae beach, drinking Korean beer and listening to a combination of different live street music.

A Sunday, and last full day well spent!

Cheers to you, Busan! I’ll be back.


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