(Home) Sweet Home

3 weeks ago I departed for my first solo trip.
Here I am, 3 weeks later sitting at a new coffee shop that just opened up by my apartment while I was away. Trying to find the right words to explain these past 3 weeks. Feeling at home in Korea, although I will greatly miss my time I spent in Thailand and the Philippines.
Strange things start to happen when you travel outside of the country that is already “foreign” to you, yet home at the same time.

The experiences I had in Thailand and the Philippines were automatically compared to life in Korea. Not for better or for worse; simply natural observations we make as humans. Once I consciously realized this, it was quite a revelation. Food, people, transportation, everything was in relation to Korea. The driving in Thailand and the Philippines is quite chaotic, more so than Korea, but something I was already quite accustomed to. I even started to miss Korean food! I don’t know why I was so surprised by this, as I do love Korean food. The fact that I also encountered horrendous food poisoning in Thailand probably didn’t help either, as the smells of Thai food would make me nauseous everywhere I went.
There were many moments during this trip where I just felt an overwhelming sense of joy and gratefulness. The new landscapes and natural beauty surrounding me was a huge catalyst to this. Moving to Korea has opened so many doors and has allowed me to do things and go places I would have never imagined. I am truly thankful for this experience, more than words can describe. It’s only 3 months in, but I know the adventures will not subside.
I want to break my trip down in the most concise/non-overwhelming way that I can, so I will dedicate the next couple posts to that. The elephants in Thailand, staying in a bamboo hut in Northern Thailand, and island hoping in the Philippines were amongst my favourite memories.
Pictures and unnecessarily excessive details to come.
I did it! I’m home 🙂
Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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