Life’s a Trip

Just under a week until I depart for my first big trip since arriving here (as if that wasn’t big enough already!). It’s crazy to think I have 24 days off work, when it still feels like I just got here. But, that’s just timing of it all!

Not only is this my first big trip since arriving, it’s also my first big solo trip.

Sunday, January 11th at 5:40 PM I will be departing Incheon Int’l Airport and headed straight to Bangkok, Thailand. By myself. Daunting? Maybe. But hey, if I made it all the way to Korea, I can sure as hell make it to Thailand.

You may ask yourself, why would she want to go on a trip by herself? Heck, you may even straight up ask me that question yourself……it happened just the other day! When I was first informed when my vacation days would be, I knew not a lot of the friends I have made here would have the same days off as me. So, I made a promise to myself. Regardless of if I had travel company or not, I would still be getting my butt off my couch (well, bed, since I don’t have a couch) and making the most of my days off. Meaning, going somewhere you would not be able to go on your typical weekend/long weekend here in Korea. In my mind, this was the only option. So, Thailand it was!

The idea of solo travel was (and still is) a bit scary. But lately I have been very inspired by fellow bloggers who have made a life for themselves on the road, and love solo travel. These include Bren on the Road, Tieland to Thailand, Nomadic Matt and Farsickness Blog.

They express many benefits of solo travel that I also hope to experience.

With me, I will be taking my 48L Gregory Cairn Backpack, along with many other backpacking essentials (the majority of which were provided in my Christmas package from my Dad- thanks Dad!).

1-2 days will be spent in Bangkok after arrival, and then the plan is to head straight up to Northern Thailand! I have heard many positives reviews from close friends about this area. Rugged, mountainous, and simply stunning. The South of Thailand is famous for it’s beaches, which I will most likely not be exploring. Simply put, I only have 8 full days in Thailand. Then, I fly out of Bangkok for my next adventure…….THE PHILIPPINES! The Philippines is comprised of many islands with countless pristine beaches, where I’m sure we* will be spending loads of time. That being said, since there are so many beaches in the Philippines, I thought Northern Thailand would be a great way to balance my total of 20 days on the road.

*Notice how I said we? That’s right, my whole trip wont be spent solo (a relief for my parents). I will be meeting up with 5 other friends in the Philippines. I am VERY excited to end my adventure with some great friends in a new and exciting place. But let’s not talk about the end, it hasn’t even begun!

Trip Breakdown:

Thailand (January 11-20th)

  • Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Rai
Philippines (January 20th-31st)
  • Cebu
  • Palawan
  • El Nido

These are the tentative plans as for location. Cause hey, things can change.

A special note to friends and family:

Firstly, thank you for all your love and support from back home. I love hearing that people are enjoying my blog. I will be updating my parents throughout the trip (who can then pass along messages).

Lots of love!


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  1. Hi Laura, I am so happy to hear you've taken some inspiration from my writing on solo travel. I have no doubt at all you're going to have an incredible time and return back to Korea a different person. Just remember to embrace everything, good and bad, and the adventures will surely come in abundance. Good luck!!!

  2. Hi Laura, just got caught up on your blog. You are such a talented writer – I feel like I am there with you!! So glad you are having such a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about your vacation. Love Aunt Lynda

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