A Merry Korean Christmas

Despite being far from home and the fact that Christmas is not a massive holiday here in Korea, it still remained to be a special day.

Christmas Eve was spent working during the day. This wasn’t so bad, since I received 3 separate surprise packages in the mail! These included 2 boxes of Christmas cookies, a 10 pound box of clementines, and maple syrup. Needless to say, I felt quite spoiled. All had been ordered by my mother through G-Market, a Korean website. So, when they got here without a sender name/address and written all in Korean, I was pretty confused! I found out shortly after out who the Santa behind the operation was. Christmas Eve night was spent listening to Christmas music, wrapping gifts for my Secret Santa, and watching Love Actually. Doesn’t seem far off from what I would have been doing back home!

Throughout the month of December, I have received several packages from loved ones that have been gradually accumulating into a pile under my “Christmas Tree”. On Christmas morning, I was finally able to open the gifts while Skyping my family. This was a great way to start my Christmas Day! Even though it was still Christmas Eve back home.

Can you spot the Christmas tree?
Note: These aren’t all for me!

Skyping with the fam. My brother opening up the package I sent him!

The rest of Christmas day was spent lounging around eating Christmas cookies and clementines. Well, I guess not the entire rest of the day. I ventured out to Old Downtown Mokpo with a friend around late afternoon. We grabbed some dinner and were pleasantly surprised by how Christmas-y everything was! There was an abundance of beautiful lights, trees, decorations! There was even a live band and singers.

This weekend will be a very special one, as it is our official Christmas celebration. Since many people are from out of town, we decided to save our get together until the weekend. We went for a non-traditional Christmas meal- BURRITOS! Korea has a great service run by fellow expat called Gringos. They are a frozen burrito delivery service (in order to ship all over South Korea)- and are apparently very delicious and authentic! They were delivered to my school and are currently sitting in my freezer anxiously waiting to be consumed. We also ordered various sides such as salsa, bean/cheese dip, and chili. We will be doing a big gift exchange- Secret Santa, White Elephant, and even filling each other’s stockings! I am beyond excited to celebrate Christmas with the people I have grown closest with here in Korea. We have truly become family, and for that I am so grateful!

Thank you so much to my friends and family back home for the gifts and lovely messages that truly made me feel so special and loved on this day. It would’t have been Christmas without you! 🙂


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  1. Hey Kiddo!

    So Happy to hear you had such an amazing Christmas away from home!

    My Favourite part and best Christmas gift this year; our nearly hour and a half long perfectly clear Skype video call! It was almost like having you in the next room!

    Keep the updates and photos coming 🙂


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