Teaching in Korea: Apartment Tour

Even though I’ve been in Korea for over 3 weeks, I only moved in to my apartment about 9 days ago. Since then, it has been a constant cycle of cleaning, organizing, buying more stuff, making more of a mess, and repeat. I am relieved and happy to finally say that I think I am all settled in. Now that my home is no longer embarrassing, it’s time to show it off!

As the apartment is provided by the school, I didn’t have to worry about buying or bringing any big furniture items. There were also lots of other smaller items left by the previous teacher (pots, pans, other kitchen essentials, drying rack, etc.). Lucky me! I packed my own sheets, and unexpectedly there was a duvet cover freshly dry cleaned waiting for my arrival. One less thing off my shopping list!

Closet! Hey, look Mom and Dad- everything fits!

In most (if not all) teaching contracts in Korea, they are obligated to provide you housing or a monthly housing allowance. There is also a list of items that they must provide, including: bed/mattress, fan, wardrobe, table, chair, kettle, stove, fridge, etc. In my case, there had been previous teachers in the apartment, so lots of other items were left there for my usage. If it’s a new apartment and you are the first teacher in it, chances are there will just be the basics.

A little shrine to Korea I’ve got going on- 2 plants, bamboo, cute/scary Korean doll

Spotted: miniature ironing board (came with the apartment) I guess I didn’t need to pack my portable steamer….?

TV & Drawers featuring mini Christmas tree. Still have not figured out how to work the TV or if I even have cable- I’ll get around to that eventually!

The “still a disaster/can’t find a home for anything” side of the room. The suitcases are a pain, but I’m used to them by now. Plus they are being used as extra storage!

(Update: suitcases have been moved to on top of the wardrobe!)

Fridge & sliding doors that seperate the bedroom from the kitchen. Dart board provided by moi, because who doesn’t like some kitchen fun? Magnets and cleaning supplies were already there.

Fruit Bowl & Coffeemaker. Essential.

(Thank you previous teacher!)

Rice cooker, portable electric stove, towels, garbage bin- also all came with the apartment. Time to start making some rice!

And last but not least, the famous bathroom! One stop shop folks. Shower, sink, laundry and toilet all in one room. It was definitely weird at first, but I’m getting used to it! The sandals are a must.

I had no idea what my apartment was going to be like until I showed up to move in. I had heard some horror stories about apartments in Korea, like arriving and having no furniture and having to sleep on a pile of clothes until your school bought you a bed (true story from a friend of mine). I am so thankful I showed up to this. I couldn’t ask for anything more! It’s cozy, but perfect for just me. It’s home.

– Laura

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  1. Hey Kiddo!

    I LOVE what you've done with your space! Very nice indeed!
    I think we'll need to move those suitcases in order to make space for a bed on the floor when I come to visit next year 🙂
    As I type here, there is a snow squall coming through the south end of the city…..big fluffy looking flakes coming to rest on the balcony…..

    Thanks for sharing your space in pictures, well done!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. I love the ironing board! It almost makes me want to iron my clothes. 🙂 Lovely apartment. I thought you lived with a roommate; it's nice you have this space just for you. I assume most of the furniture came with the place too? And the alphabet magnets? 😉

  3. Yes, it's definitely nice to have my own space! And you are correct, the apartment came fully furnished (appliances and magnets included!) The person living there before me also left some useful things, like a yoga mat, umbrella, rack to dry your clothes, etc!

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