First Weekend In My New City

My first weekend here in this new city I call home was spent exploring. On Saturday, my lovely co-teacher took me for a hike at Yudalsan Mountain, about a 5 minute drive from my apartment. It’s not the biggest mountain, but you definitely work up a sweat! Once you make it to the top, you can see the gorgeous view of the entire city.

Along the way, there is a greenhouse filled with gorgeous Chinese plants, a pathway made of special stones on which you to walk barefoot to have “healthy feet”, according to ancient medicine (similar to yoga balls for your feet). There is also one temple and several other beautiful buildings and statues. I brought my camera with me, however once I got there I realized I had not put the memory card back in the camera. Nevertheless, I still managed to snap a few pictures with my phone.

She then took me to her favourite traditional Korean restaurant, where you eat sitting on the floor. It was delicious! There is always so much food that comes with your order, it’s hard to finish everything.

On Sunday I met up with a friend from orientation who also lives in Mokpo. We explored a neighbourhood in Mokpo called Hadang, the newest area of Mokpo, with many restaurants and coffee shops along the water. We also managed to find the Gatbawi rocks- which resemble two hooded monks; a father and a son, legend has it.

The rest of the weekend was spent organizing and cleaning my apartment. This is still a work in progress, but pictures to come.

Love to all!


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